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Freedom Shrine

          The Historical Freedom Shrine is a 20 ton monument dedicated to ten brave men, who brought about voter reform on the local and state level in Maryland. It is located on private property at 7014 East New Market Elwood Road at Hurlock, Maryland.   The reform changed the voting system in Maryland in 1985.  

         Voting equity was ordered in Dorchester County by the United States Courts and the process included dividing the county into five districts.  A politician running for office in one of these districts, must live in that district.  This gave representation to the entirety of the county by those who lived in each region.


The men that made this happen were members of the North Dorchester Democratic Club:


  • George C. Jones:  Leader of the North Dorchester Democratic Club (NDDC), accountant and businessman residing in Hurlock.

  • Richard Harding:  An accountant and businessman who lived in Hurlock.

  • Edward Conway:  A community organizer, businessman who lived in Hurlock.

  • Leon Medford:  Businessman, accountant who lived in Hurlock.

  • Charles F. Hurley, Sr.:  Educator, High School Supervisor and School Board Member who lived in East New Market.

  • William Reid:  Businessman and truck driver who lived in East New Market.

  • William Corkran:  School Board Member, Businessman, Accountant and farmer, who lived in Hurlock.

  • Gregory Meekins:  Former NAACP President who lives in Cambridge.

  • Don W. Bradley:  Former mayor of Hurlock, real estate broker and businessman. He resides in Hurlock, MD.

  • Oliver Harding:  Former mayor of Hurlock, businessman and farmer. He resided in Hurlock, MD.

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