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About Us

Our mission is to inspire and support research, interpretation, education, and appreciation of the folklore, history, culture, and heritage of Dorchester County, Maryland, and the Chesapeake Bay region.



1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, Maryland 21613


Monday - Saturday

10 am – 4 pm

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         The Dorchester County Historical Society, Inc. was formed in May of 1953 by a small group of folks interested in preserving the rich history of the region.  In February 1959, this group purchased a historic house, ca. 1760, thanks to the generosity of benefactor Thomas Steele Nichols.  Mr. Nichols was given naming rights and chose Meredith House due to familial connections.  By the mid 1970s it became obvious that the Meredith House could not contain all of the artifacts and documents that needed to be saved in order to tell the story of Dorchester County and its people.  
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