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Membership and Volunteer Information


Quick Facts:

  • DCHS has been in operation for over seventy years!

  • In 2023, we had over 200 active members and sponsors. We hope to increase that number significantly in the next few years.

  • In the early days of our Society, our organization was one of the largest of its kind.

  • We currently operate with just a small staff and a Board of Trustees.

  • Our Trustees often help provide programming for our members and visitors.

  • We have visitors come to our museum campus from all around the world.

  • We hold events and programs throughout each month of the year.

  • Our volunteers, members, and sponsors are typically the first to receive news about any upcoming programs and events.

  • We hold an Annual Meeting where members, sponsors, and volunteers can meet our staff and Trustees, learn about the status of the Society, and receive additional updates.

  • We mail out quarterly newsletters to our members and sponsors with the latest information about the Society's work.

Why become a DCHS member, sponsor, or volunteer?

To state it simply, without members, sponsors, or volunteers, our Society would not exist. We are an organization built upon people and their shared interest in local history. 

While the term Society might sound "exclusive," we actually associate it with a sense of "community." We want everyone to feel that they have an integral role in preserving, protecting, and sharing their history here in Dorchester County. 

Members and sponsors provide financial support to our organization each year, but they also have great influence on our events, programming, and operations. In return for their support, we provide members and sponsors with special discounts, free admission to certain programs and tours, and other unique benefits.

Those who provide the most important support here at DCHS are our volunteers. With a limited staff, we rely on volunteers to help us accomplish our goals and to continue to offer exciting new programs. We can always use help with projects like organizing and filing library materials or giving tours, but we prefer to hear what your interests and skills are first! In and around our campus, there are always unique tasks popping up.

If you have any interest in becoming a volunteer, reach out to us anytime. If you'd like to become a member or sponsor, check out the variety of options we have available! 

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