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The Covid-19 Era

Life in Cambridge during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020. . .

As a part-time resident of the Deep Harbour community on Cambridge Creek, I split my time between there and my home in Ellicott City (Howard County). The year 2020 has looked quite different for the lifestyle I have previously enjoyed on both sides of The Bridge! I traveled to Cambridge March 9, 2020 when we were first learning of Covid-19 also called Coronavirus. Later in March I made another trip to Cambridge to collect supplies we had there to bring back to Ellicott City and also to pick up an order from the Cambridge Walmart. Anything antibacterial (soap, wipes, cleaners, etc) was impossible to purchase as was toilet paper. Apparently, toilet paper sells out in a pandemic the same as it does in a snowstorm!! While I was there on March 30, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan issued a mandatory stay-at-home order. The spread of the virus was frightening and unnerving to say the least. Everything shut down. Local Cambridge eating establishments got creative and started putting ‘curbside pick up’ in place. We could support our local small businesses by simply placing orders and driving by to pick them up. Several of the local retail establishments also adopted this way of trying to maintain a presence during this crisis. It appears that the citizens of Cambridge got behind this initiative as they love their local small businesses. Of course, masks are a common fashion accessory and appears they will be for some time to come.

It is now June 11, 2020 and I have made just a few trips over The Bridge. As of Friday, June 12, 2020 Governor Hogan is allowing businesses to reopen following certain guidelines. There is a collective sigh of relief from the citizens of Maryland. We are waiting to see what happens next – will there be a resurgence of cases of Covid-19 or will the numbers continue to decline? Until this is over, whenever that may be, we have all altered what ‘normal’ is to us – masks, social distancing (a new term of 2020), no sporting events, no concerts, no large gatherings. Luckily, my family does not have any cases of this virus and we are practicing all the safety guidelines to try to keep it that way. We all miss each other but if we stay safe, we will be around later to be with each other. New catch phrases for today’s world – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Nancy L. Malwitz

Ellicott City/Cambridge MD

June 2020

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