I love it when a call comes in, out of the blue, from someone looking for a place to “deposit” their heritage.  I think that people value the things of their ancestors and can recognize when it doesn’t fit with their lives for whatever reason.

Last week, I received a call from a lady who presently lives in Pennsylvania.  She is getting ready to move and wants to gift to us one of her heirlooms.  She has been safeguarding a mid 1800 scarf that belonged to one of her grandmothers who was born, raised and lived in Dorchester.  Apparently it is in very good condition and this donor wants to return it to its home.

Now, I know that this scarf can’t take up very much room in this lady’s life.  I mean physically- space.  I presume that as she’s packing she is being thoughtful and looking for a forever home for her things….do I use this?….do I love this?….do the kids have a connection to this?…. and so on.

I’m thankful that this donor took the time to find us, made the phone call and made the offer.  She knows the provenance of the item and the history of her family.  She is going to share all of that with us and we will be able to pay it forward by sharing it with the public.  She will be making a trip here to give it and I can’t wait to meet her.