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a beautiful tea experience awaits


We can tailor a tea to suit your desires.  A typical “Sweet Tea” includes up to six different decadent desserts, an array of fruit, a selection of traditional teas and condiments.  18th century servers will wait on guests and assure that they are perfectly sated.  A tour of the Meredith House and the campus is included in the price of $20 per person.  A minimum is required and no more than 25 can be served in the Meredith House.  We can host larger tea events on our waterfront porch or in the Robbins Heritage Center.

A “Savory and Sweet Tea” includes an assortment of finger foods as well as the scrumptious desserts, etc.  The cost for this tea is $25/person.



The Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester campus offers a wide array of touring opportunities.  The broad theme of “work and family” translates to visitors of all ages.  

Individual visitors may tour the museums by themselves while groups shall be guided.  Hands on, interactive displays and learning activities are offered to children’s groups.  Special tours are offered on request and include topics such as –

  • plantation life
  • Civil War in Dorchester
  • Native Americans- Choptank and Nanticoke
  • herb gardens and native plantings
  • family specific

Bus Tours- prices do not include the cost of the bus.  If you have a group from 12 – 60 people, ask us and we can arrange a bus for your group.  

Heritage Tour

Offers a wonderful snapshot of the historical events that have worked to shape Dorchester as it is today.  Sites include the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester, Richardson Maritime Museum, Ruark Boatworks, Historic District of Cambridge, ending at the Harriet Tubman Museum.  Approximate 2 hour tour.

$200 not inclusive of bus


Quest for Freedom

This tour perfectly complements the Harriet Tubman story.  Starting at our site, setting the stage for plantation life, the tour will progress into the Neck District and to Town Point.  From this area more than 40 slaves stole away in October of 1857.  Visit the Stanley Institute to further cement these images in your mind before ending at the Harriet Tubman Museum.  Approximate 2 hour tour. 

$200 not inclusive of bus



Civil War in Dorchester

Always popular subject matter due to the great divide of loyalties in Dorchester, this journey begins with our own “Dorchester Divided” exhibit, among other highlights on our campus.  Tour downtown Cambridge to see many buildings and monuments that still stand from this time.  From there, move on to the Harriet Tubman Museum before ending at Old Trinity Church to see the resting place of some famous Dorchester people.  Approximate 2 hour tour. 

$175 not inclusive of bus.


1003 Greenway Drive

Cambridge, Maryland  21613

410.228.7953   dchs@verizon.net

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  1. Hi, Ann. Since my retirement from 1880 Bank I am looking for ways to use my music in our community. If the DCHS has any upcoming events that would benefit from some background piano music, assuming there is a piano on site, I would be interested in filling that slot. If this does not fit with DCHS, please keep me in mind if you know of other groups or individuals who might be interested. I do need to charge a fee which would be based on the location, time, etc.
    For you, I’m pretty flexible. After all you know the “princess”!

    1. So sorry that I am just now answering this! And I’m sorry to say that we don’t have a piano. I will spread the word though. If you have more spare time than you know what to do with, come see us!

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